Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I regret splitting my blogs from my pregnancy blog with Brinley to this grief blog for Brinley and my new pregnancy blog with Ever. I wish there was a way to combine them now...

On another note I had my baby girl Ever on Halloween. I remember Halloween last year was such a terrible day. I was so sad to not have Brinley here to take trick or treating. I spent the night locked up in my house making a memory book for her and crying. I still cried a lot back then. It has only been 2 months since I lost her. That seems like so long ago now. I still cry from time to time. Especially when my baby, Brinley's little sister, does something that makes me smile or laugh I think of Brinley and what I have been missing out on the last 15 months.

I also regret I haven't made more time to write. I miss writing. I need to get these feelings out, it helps my sanity.

Well I guess that is it for this blog as my new baby is crying and needs me. <3 I love her and Brinley so much!