Friday, April 27, 2012


I don't know why it amazes me that after 20 months I still miss that life that grew inside of me for 9 months. I recently went to a mommy and baby group where their was a boy that was the same age as Brinley. He was walking around and getting into things. It is hard for me to imagine a little toddler Brinley. She will always be a baby to me. That is what I got to know her as, kiss her, hold her, and say goodbye to her as, my baby. Some days it just seems unreal this life I live without my baby. There will always be one missing...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Molly Bears NEEDS Donations

 Molly Bears needs donations!!

These people made my Brinley Bear for free. I donated several times and so have my friends and family. My bear weighs the same weight as Brinley did when she was born, 6lbs 1oz. As you can imagine it costs a lot of money to make and ship a bear of that weight. It is about $40 a bear. It is high quality and I love it so much. 

Would you PLEASE find it in your heart to help give this gift to other women who have lost a baby by donating a few dollars to their cause?

You can donate through the link below...

Or on their FB page...


Monday, April 2, 2012

Small Bird Studios

So I recently won a BIG Giveaway on FB and this month I have an XL add space on Small Bird Studio's Blog.  And I just want to say a special thank you to Fran for making my button that is on her page!!

I'm super excited and want to welcome all my new readers. Just to give you a little information about me...

I am a baby loss mom. My daughter, Brinley, was stillborn in August of 2010 at 37 weeks due to what we believe was a cord accident. This blog was and still is my way of working through my grief. A place to get my feelings out. I am by no means a professional writer but I do enjoy writing.

As you are looking around my blog you may notice that I haven't wrote much lately. This is because I recently gave birth to my rainbow baby, Ever, whom I write about in another blog called The Rainbow Gave Thee Birth. I am also a student in college and work full-time so my time is pretty occupied currently. I will be finishing my degree in May and hope to have more time to write so please stick around or follow my other blog if you want.

I love both my children dearly and wish everyday that I had them both on this earth. If you have suffered a loss or losses then I hope that you find some peace in knowing that you are not alone in your grief by reading my blog. If you haven't suffered a loss then I hope that you find some knowledge into the life of a mother without her child and learn ways to help others should you ever need to.

Thanks for reading!!