Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Whole 30 Week 3 DONE

I have to admit something.. I broke down this morning and weighed myself. The scale was just laying there calling my name, how could I not? So since starting 3 weeks ago I have lost...6.3lbs!! That is about 2lbs a week. A good healthy weight loss. I have lost this ONLY changing my diet. I haven't even been working out during this time.

How I'm feeling:

I'm really feeling great. Lots of energy, my clothes are looser, I am getting lots of compliments about the weight I have lost. I have learned more about cooking in the last 3 weeks than I have in my entire life. Picking what I eat when I do eat out is getting easier and eating like this daily is almost second nature now.

Physically I have had some bloating but I've noticed that was after I eat at a restaurant so I'm guessing there may have been something in the food that wasn't compliant but I don't know for sure. I make sure I ask what they cook the food in and have them remove anything that isn't Whole30 compliant. If they can't then I order a plain salad with oil & vinegar dressing or nothing if they don't have that. I also have a canker sore which I haven't had in a long time so that is something that has concerned me. Not really sure what would have caused that.

What I ate July 13 - 19:

I ate out more than I probably should have this week. I don't want to slip back to my old ways plus eating out on W30 is hard. I really don't trust restaurants when ordering my food. I felt more hungry this week too. I attribute that to eating out and not getting a well rounded meal at the restaurants.


  • Spinach Frittata
  • Stuffed Bell Pepper and cauliflower rice
This night my daughter decided to jump off our bed onto a pile of pillows. While this sounded like a great idea in her head she didn't account for the floor that was very hard. Missing the pillows and hitting the floor with her mouth she managed to knock a tooth loose. She is only 3.5 and wasn't supposed to be loosing any teeth for a couple more years.... Usually at bed she gets a cup of milk but with her tooth very loose she couldn't drink from her regular cup. I found a sippee cup that she could let the milk drip out of into her mouth and demonstrated this for her (milk and all) without thinking. It was only a few drops as it didn't come out very fast but technically I guess I broke my Whole30 by doing this. No I am not starting over as it was an innocent mistake and I swear it was only a couple drops of milk. Not even enough to swallow, really. 

Well after a visit to the dentist the following day we decided the tooth needed to come out. Here is my daughter's beautiful new smile. 


  • Egg & tomato slices
  • Grilled Chicken & grilled veggies @ Logan's Roadhouse
    -- I had some major bloating after eating this. Not sure what was on it that caused this as I asked before ordering to make sure it was compliant ingredients. 
  • Roasted Chicken, asparagus, and a pear


  • Boiled Egg & pear
  • Stuffed Bell Pepper & Sweet Potato


plantain nachos
  • Boiled Egg & Banana
  • Chicken w/ almond butter, sweet potato, and carrots.
  • Plantain Nachos
    -- Yummy but didn't have that crunch I was looking for. I think I needed to cook the plantains a little longer. 


  • Boiled Egg & Pear -- I was hungry by 11 am today...
  • Steak Fajita (just the meat & veggies) @ El Patio. 
  • Grilled Chicken salad @ Fuddruckers


I don't remember what I had for lunch today. I get slack on the weekend with tracking on here. lol
  • Hashbrowns
  • Burger with Sauteed mushrooms in OO with a salad @ Comedy Cabana


  • Sweet potato hash & fried egg with fresh fruit
  • Left overs - Sweet potato hash & nacho meat
  • Chicken Primavera