Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Whole30 Journey

I'm embarking on a journey to learn more about my body and the way the foods I eat affect it. Wanting to blog about my journey to keep a record of my progress I have chose to do so here.

I have commited to starting this process on July 1, 2015. I am aware that July 4th is right around the corner but the Whole30.com community is doing the reset starting this day so I thought what better day to start? It will be their 6th anniversary of starting Whole30 and I will be following right along with them!!

How I'm feeling.

Overall my health has been great over the years but in the last year I have been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure, gout, and PCOS. Depending on what I eat I can feel bloated, gassy, have heartburn, or just be sluggish. My brain has been foggy and I find it hard to focus sometimes.

At the end of the Whole30 I hope to have an increased amount of energy and have my blood pressure medicine reduced.

What I'm most nervous about.

I'm so nervous about cooking, I'm going into this without much knowledge on how to cook and as a 32 year-old woman that just isn't going to work any longer. I have always relied on my husband to cook our food or we go out to eat. Since he isn't planning on doing this with me I will need to learn how to cook. The meals I plan on eating will be simple ones that I can cook ahead of time and freeze or eat over the week. Since I work full-time and have a toddler in the house my time is limited during the week to really meal prep.

I'm using init4thelongrun.com as a source of inspiration on what to cook and how to do it. She has some great pages that lay it all out for you.

Want to join too? (Taken from Wholesome #19 newsletter)

If you want to participate in the July Whole30, here's what you do. (Note, all of these steps are totally optional. You can always just say to yourself, "I'm in," poke around our website for resources, and start your program on July 1st. We just think it's way more fun and effective if you do it as part of our huge, supportive group!)
  • Review your copy of The Whole30. We'd recommend reading at least the program rules (page 13), our Getting Started guide (page 17), and the newly expanded Whole30 Timeline (page 32) to get you off on the right foot. You could also peruse our extensive FAQ (starting on page 53), or use our Whole30 Program Guide Index (pages 410-415) to look something up as you go.
  • Join our Whole30 Forum and drop a comment on the July 1st thread in the "Join the Whole30" section. (We guarantee someone will start one between now and then--but if you're the first one there, go ahead and post!) Finding a Whole30 buddy and connecting with others on the same day as you can give you extra motivation and accountability to succeed.
  • Sign up for the Whole30 Daily by June 30th. Our daily emails will provide you with resources, tips, previews of what's to come, and all the accountability you need in the form of an "I did it!" button at the end of every email.
  • Follow us on social media (Instagram @whole30@whole30recipes, Twitter @whole30, Facebook /whole30) to stay connected with us and all of the resources, fun, and encouragement we'll be offering throughout the month.