Monday, April 2, 2012

Small Bird Studios

So I recently won a BIG Giveaway on FB and this month I have an XL add space on Small Bird Studio's Blog.  And I just want to say a special thank you to Fran for making my button that is on her page!!

I'm super excited and want to welcome all my new readers. Just to give you a little information about me...

I am a baby loss mom. My daughter, Brinley, was stillborn in August of 2010 at 37 weeks due to what we believe was a cord accident. This blog was and still is my way of working through my grief. A place to get my feelings out. I am by no means a professional writer but I do enjoy writing.

As you are looking around my blog you may notice that I haven't wrote much lately. This is because I recently gave birth to my rainbow baby, Ever, whom I write about in another blog called The Rainbow Gave Thee Birth. I am also a student in college and work full-time so my time is pretty occupied currently. I will be finishing my degree in May and hope to have more time to write so please stick around or follow my other blog if you want.

I love both my children dearly and wish everyday that I had them both on this earth. If you have suffered a loss or losses then I hope that you find some peace in knowing that you are not alone in your grief by reading my blog. If you haven't suffered a loss then I hope that you find some knowledge into the life of a mother without her child and learn ways to help others should you ever need to.

Thanks for reading!!