Monday, February 14, 2011

Ferris Wheel Day (Valentine's Day)

Today is Valentine's day but I don't really care. It is just another day without my baby here. I just had the realization the other day that no matter how many children I have I will never have Brinley back. It is almost 6 months later and I can't believe how fast time has gone by. Lately it has felt like it was just yesterday that I heard those wretched words, "There is no heartbeat.". I've found myself breaking down a couple of times. My husband rescued me one day from the shower. I miss her so much.

I think this would help make me feel better...

You never know another person's story and I know I can always use a good hug. Doesn't that seem like a great idea? Go give someone a free hug. It will make you feel better and hopefully brighten someone else's day too.

Since I don't really care that it is Valentine's Day I'm going to celebrate Ferris Wheel day instead. 
The first Ferris Wheel was the highlight of the1893 World's Fair. It was created by Pittsburgh, PA bridge builder, George W. Ferris. Supported by two 140 foot steel towers, its 45 foot axle was the largest single piece of forged steel in the world at the time. The wheel itself was 264 feet high. It had 36 wooden cars that could each hold 60 people. It cost 50 cents per ride - a high price in 1893. 
For some ideas on how to celebrate Ferris Wheel Day go here.