Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So is it bad I've had a constant headache for two weeks now?

Yeah probably but what can I do about it? It started on Jan 31st and was really bad. I ended up leaving work early to come home and lay down. Ever since then the headache has just kinda been there, not bad enough to really bother me but I could still feel my head pounding. I have taken Excedrin, Tylenol,  Aleve, and Excedrin Migraine as well as drinking Mountain Dew and coffee thinking it might be a caffeine headache but nothing seems to get it to go away.

So I decided to look up the symptoms online and figure out what kind of headache this is and deal with it. Well guess what, it is a TENSION headache! HaHa go figure I have tension in my life that has now made itself present in my head and refuses to leave! My baby has died, my husband has started his own company, and I've started back to school with a full work load all in 5 months. How could I not be stressed? I'm wondering if I made the right decision to start back to school full-time so soon after the loss of my daughter. This may be too much for me to handle but I guess I'm going to stick it through. Either I will have a nervous breakdown or I will make it through just really stressed.

I was able to find an urn that I love the other day. Actually Mark was the one to pick it out but I love it too. There was just so many to choose from and none of them seemed like the right one. My mother offered to buy the urn for us if we found one so here it is.


I just ordered it so it should be shipped out tomorrow. I can't believe I am buying an urn for my baby. There just is something not right about that.