Monday, February 28, 2011

School is Hard!

So I know I have written about my experiences in my English 102 course which you will find here. But my History 101 Western Civilization course is turning out to be a pain too when it comes to baby loss. So just in the first 5 chapters I have come across several references to what was done with infants that weren't wanted or weren't up to their standards back in the BC period.

  1. Minotaur's cannibalism might be somehow related to a recent archaeological discovery of infants who were butchered and eaten at Knossos. (27)
  2. Sparta infants were inspected by a group of elders. If they seemed unhealthy, they were exposed on a mountainside and left to die. (74)
  3. Greek male children were preferred, and it was not uncommon for families to abandon unwanted infants, females in particular. Abandoned infants could be taken by anyone, and many were raised as slaves. (66)
  4. In Rome, a newborn baby was placed at the feet of its father; if he refused to pick it up, the infant was exposed and left to die. (123)

I never got this in any of my computer courses. I hate taking general education course. They are SO much harder...