Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 2

Day 2: Tell us about your child(ren). As much or as little as you like. Names, birthdays, stats.

  • Step-daughter 
  • 14 years old 
  • DOB July 28th, 1997 
  • Sweetest most loving step-daughter a step-mother could ask for. She is very excited about having a little sister around and can't wait to change the poopy diapers. lol Just kidding she says she is only changing the pee ones. She also misses our Brinley and was very upset about her loss as well.

  • 1st daughter 
  • Stillborn at 37 weeks 
  • DOB August 18th, 2010 
  • Showed me how strong of a woman I am. I have learned so much from her and miss her so much everyday. I wish she was here walking around and ready to say hello to her little sister. 

 Little Bird 
  • 2nd daughter 
  • Still baking in mommy's tummy 35 weeks 1 da
  • DOB TBA 
  • She is moving up a storm as I sit here and type this. Already having some contractions yesterday and today. I can't wait to hold and kiss her. I sure hope I get to bring her home.