Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 4

Day 4: Through your grief process what has kept you going?

Knowing that I could use this experience to help others. I have tried to keep a positive outlook in life. Some days I just don't understand why I had to lose my daughter but then something happens that reminds me that I can now offer support to others who have had a loss. I have met several mothers over the past 13 months who are asking the same questions I asked in the beginning. I don't have the answers but I know how to listen and cry with them and sometimes that is all they need. Having someone who feels your pain and doesn't have the words to try and "fix it". Someone to just say yes this totally sucks!! No, it isn't fair!!

Here I am a year later and I am trying to start up a local group for women like me. I participate in many online groups where I can talk about my feelings without feeling judged. I want this for the women locally who maybe don't get online or who haven't found that support yet. There is a void in my area for this kind of support and I want to help fill it.