Thursday, December 2, 2010

A door closes and another opens (hopefully)

A little off topic but some other things that have been going on in my life. My husband's job has seemed to have come to an end today. There is no money left in the company therefore he has checks he cannot cash. His company cell phone is supposed to be cutoff today. The work van tags and insurance are expired. His employer called him today to ask if he was working. Really, you can't pay him and he has a work van he can't drive. How exactly do you expect him to work for you? Anyway things got heated and he was told he was fired. We are better off.

We knew this day was coming and it's a great way (in my sarcastic voice) to end 2010. Hopefully with the end of one chapter in our lives a new one will be bigger, greater, and better.

My husband is now looking for a vehicle so he can do some things on his own. Until then we got to figure something else out to make some money. We still have a house payment to make.

On another note.....

I got Brinley's Christmas ornament. It is beautiful. It is a Swarovski 2010 Annual Edition Crystal Snowflake Ornament. It has a little tag that says 2010 on it and makes rainbows all over the wall when the light hits it