Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another bitter feeling bites the dust

So in the past few days I have spoken to two different people I've had ill feelings towards. I received an apology from someone who said something about my baby weight that hurt my feelings. This person asked me "When is the baby due?" in reference to my belly. I believe I spoke of this in an earlier post. Anyway someone brought it to her attention that it had hurt me. She profusely apologized and told me how much I meant to her.

I also spoke with someone who was pregnant and due only a month after me. I was upset that this person had not really spoke to me about my loss or offered any condolences since returning to work. She has since had her baby and brought her into work but didn't come into my office to show her to me. I was glad. I was harboring feelings of anger towards this person for not really talking to me turns out she was worried about how I would feel about her coming around me since she was still pregnant. So we have cleared the air and I am glad.

I don't like having ill feelings towards anyone. It feels good to not have those negative feelings anymore.