Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 24 - where you live

Where I live holds so many memories for me. I have spent 95% of my life here. It is kind of weird having some many different memories all over the city.

Here are just a few beginning with the sunsets of the beach. I just recently saw a beautiful sunset where I went and wrote Brinley's name in the sand. These are the memories I am creating now.

Driving the back-roads of Carolina Forest when it was just woods that is now run over with cookie cutter neighborhoods. Here is a picture of a neighborhood in Carolina Forest. There was a large forest fire within the last few years that destroyed some of the homes.

Hanging with friends at the Pavilion. We would go ride all the rides. On the other side used to be the Attick which was a teen club. I only went there one time but we spent many days walking up and down the boulevard past the Pavilion area.

Check out the video below, it shows how the Pavilion area looks now. Nothing but grass and trees.

The many days I spent working at this place holds a lot of memories for me. Memories from when my ex-boyfriend worked there with me. From 2001 when the tornado came through on the beach I was at work at this store which is on the street opposite the beach. I remember looking at the window watching the tornado come down the beach side from the north heading our way. Thankfully it stayed on the beach side but I was scared. We don't get a tornado very often. I loved working here and have come out with some good friendships from this place. Plus the ice cream is bad either.

This Holiday is directly opposite the Friendly's I worked at. We used to go there to go swimming back when my parents were still together. They would have a live band play. My dad liked the hotel pool next door so we would go between the two to go swimming. This was so cool when we were kids. 

The Landmark is where me and my friends would go swimming when I was a teenager. Not sure if you can read it but they have 14 pools so there was lots of variety. I can't tell you how many days we would end up here. We would walk from our houses about a mile away down here then go walk along the boulevard. Those days were always fun.

My husband and I have spent many days at the Fun Plaza playing video games. They are one of very few places you can still use quarters to play instead of tokens. This is nice cause you don't get stuck with tokens that you can't use anywhere else but there. They also have the baseball games which are pretty fun. 

These next two photos are from Hurricane Hugo's destruction in 1989. This was the year after we moved down here. It really did a number on the city. The first picture is a shot from where 2nd Avenue Pier was. They had to rebuild it after this. There are more pictures below for 2nd Avenue Pier.
This is the old 2nd Avenue Pier. I've spent many days here with my friends and my husband. They just recently updated the Pier building and my husband did the electrical components of the building. Below is a shot of the new building. It looks really nice.
Here is an old shot of the boardwalk along the back of the Gay Dolphin. They just built a boardwalk that now goes from 14th Avenue Pier and ends at the 2nd Avenue Pier. It looks really nice now. They Gay Dolphin is a city icon. It has been here since the 50's I believe. I've been in this store several different times over the years with friends, ex-boyfriends, and my husband. 

My city has changed so much over the years. Looking forward to the days I can make new memories with my rainbow baby.