Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 19 - a talent of yours.

A talent of mine would have to be my knowledge of computers. I have been going to college the past 4 years (full and part time) for computer technology. This has seemed to be a topic that comes very easily to me. Part of my job is helping instructors at the college deal with technology, which I love. I have finished two associate degrees, one for programming and one for networking. I really wanted to be a graphic design artist but when I started school there wasn't a program for that here. I really don't consider myself that good of an artist but wanted to learn. I've enjoyed what I have learned from all of my schooling so it wasn't a complete waste.

Maybe after I finish my Bachelor's degree I can pursue the graphic design side. I just want to know how to navigate around in Photoshop or something similar. As for my blog design, I have gained the knowledge on how to edit HTML so I was able to do most of the changes myself. At least I know how to look up how to do the changes. :-D